Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort Sustainability Policy

Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort counts on a water heating system, through the use of solar panels, that were installed back in December 2016.

The average daily production of this system is equivalent to avoiding the release of 486 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere annually.

The hotel’s residual water is lead to a treatment plant, that manages to obtain the quality that complies with the parameters established by authorities.

A percentage of the treated water is utilized for watering the resorts green areas, and the rest is returned to the subsoil.

We have developed and implemented the following strategies in solid waste management:

  • We separate organic residuals to be sent to a utilization unit, to be used as feed for pigs, and the rest for compost. In 2016, we sent approximately 112 tons of organic residue.
  • We separate plastic bottle caps and send them to an association that aids children with cancer.
  • All valuable residues such as plastic, metal, paper, cardboard and glass, are separated and sent to recycling companies.

These actions permit us to reduce the quantity of residues sent to the landfill, contributing to greenhouse effect reduction, and avoid contamination of the subsoil.


At Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort, we recognize that some of our daily activities may have a negative impact on the environment and community. It is for this reason we have implemented certain practices to reduce that negative impact, aiming to improve environmental sustainability.

1. Annual measurement of energy consumption and solid waste generation to establish reduction goals.

2. Minimize the environmental impacts through projects that reduce energy consumption, as well as water and solid waste.

3. Respect natural surroundings and guidelines established by the National Reef Park of Puerto Morelos.

4. Comply with the Federal, State and City norms.

5. Promote local economy, when possible, by contracting services, employees and regional products.

6. Share our commitment with employees, guests, and suppliers, by inviting them to carry out sustainable actions.


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