Nightly Entertainment 2017

The entertainment program here, at Desire Riviera Maya Resort, was specially designed with the perfect combination of hot & spicy with sexy & sensual keeping faithful to our adult only, couples-only ambiance. Every evening you will discover a sensual theme adventure, where your wildest fantasies come true. The Desire Riviera Maya Resort entertainment cast promises the most deliciously erotic nighttime entertainment in the Caribbean.

BDSM Night

Feel the electrical currents pulsate through your body, while being consumed by the game of seduction, in a healthy, sophisticated, erotic playground for adventurers. Your relationship will skyrocket to the next level, while living out your forbidden fantasies in a sensual BDSM Workshop, designed for both eager learners & experienced players. Remember: A hard spank, a soft touch, each a little reminder that without pain we would not know the ecstasy of pleasure.

Evening Highlights: Live Band & BDSM Workshop
Dress Code: We applaud fetish wear, latex, rubber and leather. Be creatively sexy!

Babes of Burlesque

Loose yourselves in an evening of live performances, erotic dancers and the perfect recreation of a fabulous 50’s Cabaret atmosphere, combined with a touch of the gangster era. An era all about poise and posture, bold, scarlet red lipstick and tightly laced corsets, focusing on the craft of tease. Through the art of creating glamour, with a twist of sensuality and eroticism, you and your couple will embark on an unforgettable journey, bringing Burlesque back to life.

Evening Highlights: DJ & Electric Violin + Multiple Burlesque Performances
Dress Code: Corsets & Gangster Attire

Tape Art Evolution

Prepare to be mesmerized, as the boundaries of creative fashion push you and your couple to new limits. This exclusive fashion experiment creatively displays the sensual nature of the human form, as it vacillates between art and seduction. While being guided through a taping workshop, you and your couple will create erotically abstract sensual forms, using your bodies as a human canvas, in an all-new experience where only two things are needed… BODY + TAPE

Evening Highlights: Partner Taping Workshop & All Taped Up Contest
Dress Code: Electrical Tape

Sexy Uniforms

Journey into the world of erotic role play, as you and your couple dress for seductive success, as; Doctors & Nurses, Professor & School Girl, Pilot & Flight Attendant or any other hot professional couple you have always dreamt of bringing to life, converting fantasy into reality. Role playing is freeing, empowering and not to mention, an insanely sexy amount of fun. Each moment is a new experience for continuing pleasure, in a world where your options are endless.

Evening Highlights: Music from the 70’s & 80’s, Live Rock Band, Couple Uniform Contest
Dress Code: Couples Uniforms (ex. Doctor/Nurse, Pilot/Flight Attendant)

Hot Havana Nights

Rum, revolutionaries & retro cars… Cuba has a back-in-time appeal, close your eyes for a moment and imagine you are in Havana. Take a journey back in time to the mid-40’s when Cuba was considered as the Latin Las Vegas… Waves crashing against the sea wall, a young couple cavorting in the dark, guitars, voices and rhythm, the Guayabera shirt, and sexy sensual seductresses in sundresses… Prepare yourselves for a night full of flavor, sensuality and long, slow seduction.

Evening Highlights: Live Cuban Band, Cigar Rolling, Rum Tasting, Dirty Dancing Contest
Dress Code Ladies: Flowered Cuban Style Dresses. Men: White or Flowered Shirts

White Affair

From the very moment you and your couple arrive, you will be submerged in a dream world of erotic pleasure, in the White Affair. An evening to enjoy elegance and seduction at their finest, you and your couple will discover a feeling of empowerment and anonymous freedom to partake in the most intimate of your fantasies, leaving your couple with a longing desire to undress you. Prepare to experience the most deliciously erotic evening of your lives…

Evening Highlights: Resident DJ, Sax Performance, W Show
Dress Code: Sexy White

Animal Print

Take your partners hand, and lead them out of the den and into the wild, an intimate escape to free your instincts and satisfy your desires, in a wild, fierce and primitive way. The animal that you have trapped inside will be the ideal outfit for this evening affair… Perhaps a lion, tiger or leopard? Or would you prefer to be the hunter looking to capture your prey? Whether prey or hunter, this night in the jungle will devour you in fierce seduction.

Evening Highlights: Animal Instinct Contest, Animal Runway
Dress Code: Anything Animal Print


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