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The Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort invites you to enjoy our unique, couples-only refuge, featuring sweet smelling teak wood, granite floors and tall, red-brick ceilings, all designed to stimulate your senses while harmonizing your mind and body. Our spa boasts six spacious treatment rooms that have been carefully decorated to provide an intimate space to relax & soothe your soul. For your maximum enjoyment we are proud to offer a Couples Suite with a private lounge and Jacuzzi terrace, taking your spa experience to a whole new level. With a selection of different essential oils and aromas we invite you to enjoy a fabulous facial, a soothing treatment, a relaxing massage, or one of our signature couple encounters, each of which ensure a sensual and unique experience beyond compare.

Additional spa amenities include; a traditional sauna, steam room, Swiss shower, cold plunge pool and a large warm whirlpool; as well as a waiting area where a healthy variety of organic tea and bottled water are served.

Complementing our Zen-like oasis of relaxation we invite you to enjoy Yoga, Pilates, stretching and meditation sessions all performed under our property’s picturesque Palapa. And for a wonderful workout, our gym offers modern fitness equipment that will inspire you to keep in shape.

Indulge in the world of relaxation… a deliciously erotic experience!

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RELAXING MASSAGE $149 (50 min.) $245 (80 min.)

A gentle massage using smooth, flowing strokes for full-body relaxation. This traditional massage loosens and soothes tight, sore muscles, while increa- sing circulation and improving both skin and muscle tone.

DEEP TISSUE $175 (50 min.) $270 (80 min.)
A deep tissue massage that helps release toxins, maintain optimum body performance, and balance the nervous system by relieving muscular stress. Ideal after workouts.

HOT STONE MASSAGE $155 (50 min.) $248 (80 min.)
Experience the pleasure of a unique variant of the relaxing massage, where smooth, hot stones are administered to contracted muscles. This treatment helps relieve fatigue and balances chakras, concentrating on the body’s main energy areas.

HOT MUD MASSAGE $178 (50 min.)
A wonderful combination of plants and a relaxing massage that activates blood circulation and eliminates toxins from the body.

AROMATHERAPEUTIC MASSAGE $149 (50 min.) $245 (80 min.)
This anti-stress, full-body massage treatment uses essential oils that act on various systems of the body, promoting an increased sense of well-being and complete relaxation.

VIP MASSAGE $280 (80 min.)
The ultimate full-body massage. Alleviates aching and tired muscles with a variety of techniques such as lomi lomi, acupressure, and hot stones, combined by a master therapist for an amazing relive of stress.

REFLEXOLOGY $104 (30 min.)
A reflex point therapy for the feet that stimulates the nerve endings of various vital organs in the body.

Focuses on relieving stress and muscular pain in the neck, shoulders and back, reducing stiffness and fatigue.


For all skin types. This facial begins with exfoliation, followed by steam therapy for deep pore cleansing. In addition, a rejuvenating, anti-stress facial massage is included.


FOR MEN FACIAL $110 (50 min.)

Designed especially for men, this facial soothes rough, sensitive skin, emphasizing on pore cleansing and hydration.


EXPRESS FACIAL $105 (40 min.)

A moisturizing treatment for aged skin, with collagen and a mask.


DELUXE FACIAL $165 (80 min.)

Facial that provides a combination of vitamin A, B, C, k and E in an innovative formula combining biotechnological benefits that provide anti-aging, firming, anti-free radical and moisturizing elements in a single application.


Includes: Cellular regenerating facial, hot mud body wrap and hot stone massage.


FACE & BODY BY BABOR $195 (80 min.)

Enjoy the dynamic combination of our Flash Facial and personalized Freestyle Deep Tissue Massage. This Babor treatment hydrates, lifts, firms, repairs, corrects, and rejuvenates the skin, providing dramatic results from head to toe, and a much-desired sensual glow.


CLEANSING PACKAGE $242 (120 min.)

Includes: Deep cleansing facial, body exfoliation and relaxing massage.

BODY SCRUB $90 (30 min.)

Ideal before sun exposure. This tropical exfoliation treatment is formulated with essential oils, herbs and coconut, to refresh and soften the skin, remove dead skin cells, activate circulation, as well as purify and oxygenate your skin.


SEAWEED WRAP $155 (50 min.)

Anti-cellulite. This natural seaweed treatment helps activate the body’s circulation while mineralizing the skin and eliminating the water deposits that cause cellulite. Includes full-body exfoliation.


AFTER SUN EXPOSURE $104 (30 min.)

Ideal after sunbathing. A deep moisturizing, mineralizing body treatment using a lactic acid combination to promote beautiful, smooth, healthy skin.

EROTIC DESIRE $460 (50 min.)

Erotic sensations the game, Desire is our name. A provocative massage that will leave you begging for more.


SENSOUS SEDUCTION $495 (50 min.)

Enrich your imagination by joining the infinite game of seduction.


BONDAGE FANTASY $680 (50 m/n.)

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Desire Bondage. Simply close your eyes and let your imagination soar. Remember, pleasure has no limits.


FIVE SENSES FANTASY $680 (80 min.)

From alluring aromas, passionate music, and stimulating caresses that will awaken your deepest desires, to an aphrodisiac menu specially designed to take your palate in a journey of exotic flavors and contrasting textures, this fantasy is something you and your partner must enjoy while at Desire.


Fifty unforgettable minutes in a seductive environment, designed to provoke even the most sensual desires. A combination of soft caresses and essential oils to ease both physical and mental tension while stimulating the senses. Recommended for couples.


TEMAZCAL EXPERIENCE $340.00 (80 min.)

An ancestral therapy that encourages open communication between lovers. Throug h ancient healing techniques, you and your partner will feel how the herbal vapors envelop body and mind, renewing energy.


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